Our mission

Parenting can be tough. We know because we have experienced the ups and downs of parenting ourselves. The early days of looking after a new-born can be particularly stressful, and peace of mind hard to find. When we became parents, we discovered that existing baby monitors failed to provide the level of reassurance that parents need. We wanted to create the ultimate baby monitor to support parents, their wonderful babies and their families too.

Our product

Bluebell is designed by doctors to be the ultimate baby monitor. Monitoring breathing, temperature, crying and rolling onto tummy through our easy clip-on monitor, unique smart wristband and HD camera. Plus routine tracking, sleep analytics, feeding times and nappy changes on the Bluebell app. Bluebell has monitored 10 billion baby breaths, alerted 3.2 million times for rolling on tummy, tracked 2.3 million hours of sleep and 280000 nappy changes supporting over 4000 families since launch - giving them peace of mind and practical support.

Bluebell monitors more, so you can worry less.